Lindsay Lohan wants to fire momager Dina Lohan

Jan 13, 2012 at 9:14 a.m. ET

A pink slip for Mommy? Lindsay Lohan is reportedly considering severing business ties with her mother Dina, who is also her manager.

"Mom, you're fired!" is the phrase stage mom Dina Lohan could soon hear flying off the lips of her favorite cash cow: Her famous daughter Lindsay.

Lindsay's star power is at a standstill and the oft-incarcerated child star, who once held so much promise, is reportedly convinced that her manager mother just doesn't have the skills to revive her lagging career.

We hear LiLo is considering cutting Dina out of her business dealings, just as she begins chats with the Lifetime network about the possibility of playing Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-TV movie, premiering later this year.

Dina has represented Lindsay ever since the freckle-faced wild child burst onto the Hollywood radar, playing twins in Disney's 1998 kid comedy remake The Parent Trap.

"Lindsay feels strongly that she wants to distance herself from her family drama and the only way to do that is dump her mom as manager," a Lohan camp informant reveals on the pages of the Jan. 23 edition of Star magazine.

"It's typical of Lindsay to blame everyone else for her problems, but in this case, she might have a point," the source adds.

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The Lohan family drama first began to heat up after Dina brokered a reported seven-figure deal for Lindsay to strip down in a nude pictorial for Playboy magazine. Lindsay's Marilyn Monroe-inspired centerfold was a huge newsstand hit for Hefner & Co., but the saucy snapshots haven't had the same effect on the starlet's career.

The blockbuster offers keep eluding her, insiders say, referencing a $93,000 tax lien recently filed against the actress by officials at the Internal Revenue Service.

"She thought movie offers would come flooding in, but nothing has happened. Lindsay has mounting debts and she's freaking out. She needs to do something drastic."

Drug counselors have been warning Lindsay to axe her mother from her management team for years. During Lindsay's scandal-ridden stay at the Betty Ford Clinic in 2010, Dina was advised that if she continued to focus primarily on running her daughter's career, Lindsay would likely have an even tougher time beating the addiction to cocaine and alcohol that has plagued her.

"Lindsay and Dina don't have a normal mother-and-daughter dynamic because of the length of time that Dina has worked for Lindsay," one counselor at the famed Palm Springs facility told Radar Online that October.

"Dina needs to no longer act as her manager or work for her daughter in any capacity. Lindsay needs Dina to simply be her mother. Lindsay's treatment team at Betty Ford has emphasized this to Lindsay, very, very strongly."

More than a year later, Lindsay appears to be getting the picture.

Better late than never we suppose.

"She's starting to realize that in order for her dreams to come true, she's going to have to have someone else handling her career," the Star source said this week.

Lohan is reportedly researching a number of Hollywood bigwigs who may be interested in replacing Dina as her manager.

Firing Mom: A wise move for Lindsay?

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