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A new threat rattles the ladies on The Bachelor

Remember Shawntel Newton? She wooed Brad Womack with her mortician skills on last season of The Bachelor. Well, she’s back to mix it up with Ben Flajnik and not everyone is happy about it.

Is it desperate or sweet when a previous contestant like Shawntel Newton shows up for another shot at love on The Bachelor? We’re just saying, isn’t there somewhere else to find a man?

Before we dish about Newton’s return and give you a little sneak peek, here’s the deets on this week’s big Bachelor dates!

Ben Flajnik‘s posse is stripping down to their bikinis for a group date and hitting the slopes. Well, that’s not completely accurate — there will be bikinis, but the slopes will be made up entirely of fake snow. Hey, they’re in San Francisco this week, what did you expect?

If you’re curious as to which lucky ladies will be getting steamy with Ben on the individual dates, you’re in luck — we have the goods.

Emily and Lindzi, two bachelorettes we’re rooting for, both get very different dates with Ben Flajnik, with Emily’s reaching unimaginable heights.

Now, let’s chat about Shawntel Newton. She made it all the way to the final four on Brad Womack’s season and just couldn’t completely hook him.

See what she has to say about why she’s so attracted to Ben Flajnik…

So far we’ve seen meltdown city on this season of The Bachelor thanks to Jenna, but with her exit last week, we’re hoping for a better crop of episodes — you can only watch a girl cry so much before you change the channel.

Sadly, with the addition of Shawntel, we’ll probably get shafted and the meltdowns will continue — boo hoo for us!

One thing we will be watching for this week is how Blakeley and Courtney react to her entrance.

These two have become the most hated contestants this season and it’s hard to believe there won’t be a few claws on display.

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Will Shawntel catch Ben’s attention?

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