Why is Ashton Kutcher wearing his wedding ring again?

Ashton Kutcher raised a few eyebrows when he wore his wedding ring during a press conference. What is up with that?

Ashton Kutcher wears wedding ringAshton Kutcher ditched his Hollywood Jesus look earlier this week and debuted a new short ‘do during a journalist panel for Two and a Half Men. Eagle-eyed reporters weren’t interested in his hair, though — the newly separated actor was still wearing his wedding ring.

Kutcher didn’t mention his ring, but said that the hair is “related to the show, completely,” and will make sense after next week’s episode.

“I’m sure there will be people now that I’ve cut my hair and shaved my beard that want me to have long hair and a beard,” he said. “And there were people that when I had a beard and long hair that wanted me to be shaved and have a haircut.”

It was apparently the plan for Kutcher’s character on the CBS show from the beginning, according to the actor. “How it evolved is that these guys wrote a screenplay that dictated that I cut my hair and shave my beard at some point,” he explained.

Blah, blah, blah — we don’t really care about your hair, Ashton. What’s with the ring? He might still be pining for Demi Moore, but she’s moved on to a new young dude, according to Yahoo! The guy, Blake Corl-Baietti, is a 26-year-old model and personal trainer.

Yep, she likes the young guys.

Kutcher is focusing on Men and a possible relationship with screenwriter Lorene Scafaria. Will he be back for another season?

“If we can work it out,” he said.

Get out your checkbook, Chuck Lorre.

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Why do you think Ashton Kutcher is still wearing his wedding ring?

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