50 Cent nabs “exclusive” Jay-Z, Beyoncé baby picture

50 Cent got himself into a pickle on Twitter Wednesday, after poking fun at the controversy surrounding the recent birth of Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of his rap rival Jay-Z and pop/R&B star Beyoncé.


Uh-huh, not exactly 50 Cent‘s strong suit.

The Celeb-u-verse is dying to see the first photo of Blue Ivy Carter and 50 Cent roused quite a scene among tweeters Wednesday when he got the exclusive on Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s baby girl.

The rapper tweeted a creepy photoshopped image of Jay-Z’s head on a baby’s body, along with the message, “Y’all play too much congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyoncé baby. Blue Ivy Carter is gorgeous.”

Jay-Z and Fiddy — fixtures on Forbes magazine’s annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings ranking — have clashed in the past. Both musicians have dissed each other on wax.

50 Cent, never one to mince words, took the beef a step further when he famously cracked that no one knew who Jay-Z was, until he was romantically tied to Beyoncé. Although, by the time the two wed in 2008, Jay-Z had already released 10 albums, beginning with Reasonable Doubt, which hit the Billboard charts in 1996.

The “In Da Club” hit-maker also threatened to steal Beyoncé away from Jay-Z during a performance at Hot 97 FM’s Summer Jam concert in New Jersey back in 2005.

The hip-hopster’s follow-up tweets were a bit more sincere. Perhaps thanks to a word in his ear from his publicist?

“I’m sure Jay is the happiest he’s ever been in his life,” he tweeted. “I remember when MARQUISE was born I was so happy. I want to have another kid one day.”

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One person isn’t likely to find much humor in Fiddy’s tweets.

Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, went on a Twitter rant about the “Baby Blue Controversy” on Tuesday. The sometimes singer unleashed several tweets aimed at conspiracy theorists and “Beyoncé birthers,” who have let off a litany of rumors in the wake of baby Blue’s arrival in Manhattan on Saturday night.

She wrote, “We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed. It is one of THE hardest things to accept.”

Several minutes later, Solange added, “In any other workplace… If someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake ect… You would naturally express yourself…. However, the pure happiness and joy I’ve witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut.”

Photo credits: Judy Eddy/WENN.com


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