Must-read: Miracle Beach by Erin Celello

Erin Celello’s debut novel Miracle Beach is a story of love, hope, and above all, loss, as Macy Allen struggles to bear the burden of her husband’s death and her mother-in-law’s grief.

Macy Allen is an equestrienne, a woman who loves and makes her living from horses. She finds comfort and solace in her horses, especially now that she has lost her husband, Nash. What’s more, the horrible accident that took Nash’s life also robbed Macy of their unborn child. Bereft and alone, Macy doesn’t know how to cope with each day, a feat that is made no easier by Nash’s unforgiving mother.

Magda feels that she can’t help but blame Macy for Nash’s death; after all, if he hadn’t been in her clutches, he never would have moved away from his parents to Vancouver Island. Unable to let go, Magda revels in her bitterness and hangs onto her hatred of her son’s widow. Nash’s father, Jack, has always known how to deal with his difficult wife, but he finds her behavior to be too much at this sorrowful time. He decides to move temporarily to Vancouver Island, to get to know Macy better and be close to the place where Nash spent his final days.

As Macy and Jack tiptoe around one another, trying to respect each other’s grief, they begin to see a new side to each other. In exploring his son’s legacy, Jack finds a new lease on life, discovering that he can be happy again. Macy tries to heal, but it’s not until she receives the shock of a lifetime that she finally begins to move on from Nash’s death. Beautifully written with an amazing sense of place, Miracle Beach is a novel about how grief and anger can transform into love.

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