Chelsea Handler’s new sitcom: Can you handle it?

Sex jokes, different ways to describe your “lady parts” and Lamaze — is this the kind of writing and subject matter that will appeal to only Chelsea Handler die-hards or can a new breed of fans be reached with the content of Are You There, Chelsea?

“Pikachu” and “entertainment center.”

No, we’re not talking about a cute little cartoon character or the thing that holds your TV — they’re “colorful” descriptions for “lady parts,” according to the people at Are You There, Chelsea?

If you’re not into hearing someone talk about “dry humping” or “lady wood,” you might want to leave Chelsea Handler‘s Are You There, Chelsea? off your watch list.

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For those of you who have come to relish in anything and everything Chelsea Handler-related, you’ll want to set your DVRs to make sure you don’t miss one sexually charged, binge drinking-filled joke.

We want this show to succeed for the mere fact that Chelsea Handler does what all women aim to do — take over the world, one unapologetic opinion at a time.

We’re just not sure if Are You There, Chelsea? will reach beyond the typical Handler fan based on the, how shall we say this, “colorful” dialogue.

The basis of Wednesday’s debut was Chelsea (Laura Prepon) and her BFF move in with “virgin girl” Dee Dee (Lauren Lapkus) who is “waiting until I get married. Like the Jonas Brothers.” Plus for the virgin joke try, minus for the Jo-bro easy out.

Then there was the thin story of whether Chelsea would make a good Lamaze partner for her sister Sloane while her husband is oversees and the ever-important matter of whether or not she should date a dude with red hair.

Yes, there was the “drapes” and “carpet” dig and yes, it made us cringe. But why did Chelsea do the deed? In Chelsea’s words, “It has been a while since my bottom half smiled.”

See, not going to be for everyone.

While the jokes and dialogue might not appeal to everyone, the character of Chelsea should. Laura Prepon is a brilliant actress and she grew on us.

What was difficult, however, was watching Chelsea Handler as anyone but herself — not even as the religious sister Sloane.

Chelsea Handler is Chelsea Handler. She’s a late-night, tell-it-like-it-is loud mouth and that’s why we love her.

Do we love her as the Bible-thumping sister? Eh, not sure yet.

Our hope for the show is that Chelsea, the character, takes a journey of highs and lows like the real Chelsea.

If all we get is DUIs and innuendo jokes once a week, a new fan base could be hard to reach — but is anybody really concerned about new demographics when it comes to Handler?

This is Chelsea Handler’s life brought to the small screen, so maybe we just have to buckle up and accept it like we have in her late-night talk show and other endeavors.

What do you think? Can you handle Handler?

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