Board the world’s worst cruise with Kate Gosselin

Set sail on a romantic cruise with Kate Gosselin. No, really.

Kate Gosselin taking a cruise

What do you think of when someone says, “Let’s take a cruise”? Screaming children, a washed-up reality star and crazy fans, right?

Oh, it’s not? Well, it’s someone’s idea of a good time — Kate Gosselin is hosting her very own cruise this year.

“Here’s a big announcement that will have an allure for you and your kids,” Gosselin tweeted last week, along with a link to the cruise details. “Come hang out! Can’t wait to meet you!”

“I can’t wait to meet you all! Plsv don’t miss it! I’m getting all teary eyed hoping2meet so many of u in 1 place!”

It’ll cost you, though — the seven-night Caribbean cruise starts at $1,900 with stops in Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico before returning to Fort Lauderdale. If that’s not enough, you can even experience Starbucks on a cruise ship!

“Explore seven distinct neighborhoods filled with awesome new features — like the first Starbucks at sea, Broadway hit musical Chicago in the main theater, and favorite moments with Shrek, Po the Panda, and more friends in the DreamWorks experience,” Luxury Cruises and Tours writes of the August 2012 trip. “Spice up your sailing with margaritas and Mexican-fare favorites at Rita’s Cantina, or with prime cuts straight from the skewer at Samba Grill Brazilian steakhouse.”

Apparently, people are clamoring to get on board, according to the tour company.

“As soon as Kate tweeted [information about the cruise] on Friday afternoon, our phones lit up with inquiries,” Charlene Failla, president of Luxury Cruises and Tours, told the Washington Post. “It took off.”

Well, it actually sounds like fun, as long as you can avoid the former Kate Plus 8 star and her brood — oh yes, they’re coming too. “We really don’t know,” Failla said of which kids are coming. “She did say she was bringing some of them.”

“She really does have a following,” Failla added. “And people seem to like a lot of her nurturing ways.”

Um, we’ll take their word for it.

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Will you set sail with Kate Gosselin?

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