The Biggest Loser’s fitness secret on shelves now!

Get ready to get fit! The technology behind season 13 of The Biggest Loser will be available to those at home.

We can’t help but be jealous of The Biggest Loser contestants. Yes, they’re put through a sweaty hell, but they look fabulous on the other side.

Our green eyes spy, however, a little fitness weapon being made available that will give us the same advantage and we’d love to get our hands on the hot technology.

Fans currently watching season 13 of The Biggest Loser have the opportunity to wear The Biggest Loser® SLIMCOACH™ just like the contestants.

According to, the technology, on shelves now, “is a small adaptive device powered by MYTRAK technology that can conveniently be worn every day to motivate activity, and help to track calorie burn and monitor physical exertion while at home, at work and on the go.”

See, The Biggest Loser‘s secret weapon brought straight to you.

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Reed Hanoun, President of Mytrak Health System Inc. said, ” The Biggest Loser® SLIMCOACH™ is like having a personal trainer with you all day long.”

He added, “It will motivate and drive you to live a more active and healthier lifestyle. It can be customized to your goals, offering you instant feedback and guidance. It is a formula for success.”

If there’s a device that motivates us to back away from the chips, we’ll certainly give it a shot.

The Biggest Loser is currently in its 13th season, which debuted on Jan. 3. We know, it seems like just yesterday we crowned John Rhode the winner of season 12.

You can get your hands on The Biggest Loser® SLIMCOACH™ by visiting Best Buy, Best Buy online, The Biggest Loser website and other retailers.

Will you be running out for you new personal trainer?

Photo credit: NBC


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