Ashley Greene: A mile-high mess on set of Pan Am?

Jan 11, 2012 at 9:34 a.m. ET

Diva alert? Ashley Greene is accused of throwing her weight around behind the scenes of ABC's ratings-strapped period drama Pan Am.

The blogosphere exploded Tuesday over news that ABC's 1960s period drama Pan Am will feature a girl-on-girl kiss in their next episode. Series regular Christina Ricci and guest star Ashley Greene will share a liplock on a Sapphic installment titled "Diplomatic Relations," which is scheduled to air this Sunday night, Jan. 15.

But tabloid tipsters say Ashley's explosive ego on the set of the throwback series is the real primetime drama.

You know what they say: "You're nobody 'til someone calls you a diva!"

The Twilight star, 24, joined the struggling show late last year, appearing in a multi-episode guest arc as the love interest of co-pilot Ted Vanderway (Michael Mosley). Greene, however, is reportedly ruffling feathers and clashing with cast and crew all over the set.

"Ashley came rolling on to the set acting like a queen bee. She was stuck-up with the crew and acted like appearing on TV amounted to slumming. She referred to herself as a 'real movie star' and said she was sure her guest stint would boost ratings," spits one disgusted set snoop.

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While publicly gushing about her guest spot on Pan Am, in reality Ashley was "cold" and distant toward her co-stars, a production insider tells Star magazine. Even a cast-sponsored "Welcome Luncheon" did little to break the ice, according to reports.

"Ashley didn't want to socialize with Christina Ricci or Kelli Garner, the stars of the show. They had organized a welcome lunch for Ashley, but she blew them off. That was extremely off-putting to everyone."

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