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Cougar Town keeps hope alive

Cougar Town won’t go down without a fight. The ABC comedy is stuck in limbo, and anxious to get back on the air. The show’s cast and crew recently stormed the TCAs to promote their new season, but without the help of the network. All they had was a dollar, a dream and lots of alcohol.

Courteney CoxIt’s no secret that Cougar Town is the redheaded stepchild of ABC. Over the past year, it’s been absent from the TV schedule and no one knows why.

Since its second season finale, Cougar Town has been M.I.A. The Courteney Cox comedy was missing from the 2011 fall lineup and is nowhere to be found on the midseason schedule.

This week, ABC brought most of its stars (old and new) to the winter TCAs to promote their upcoming shows. But Cougar Town wasn’t on the panel. According to the Associated Press (via The Washington Post), creator Bill Lawrence opted out of the presentation.

“I didn’t want to sit up there clapping and handshaking and acting like I’m happy, because I’m not,” Lawrence said. Oddly enough, an ABC spokesperson confirmed that neither Lawrence or the cast were invited.

Despite such treatment, the Cougar Town stars still crashed the party. They banded together and produced their own promo event. Lawrence rented out the bar at the Langham Hotel, and invited a slew of reporters for free food and drinks. They had a great turnout and received plenty of press and internet buzz.

So will Cougar Town ever return? Tuesday, ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee said it’s tentatively scheduled to air in March, but nothing’s been confirmed. “We haven’t got the jigsaw in place for where we want to put it,” he said.

The network will make their final decision over the next few weeks. So until then, keep hope alive. Cougar Town will be back on our screens — one day.

Photo credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN

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