Joyful Noise star captivated by Dolly Parton’s smell

Young lovers on the big screen for their new musical comedy Joyful Noise, Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan dish on working with the legendary singers Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.

“They are the sweetest, kindest, most unassuming people,” says Jeremy Jordan of being on set with rap diva Queen Latifah and country music legend Dolly Parton while filming their new movie Joyful Noise. “We call Queen Latifah, Dana, which is her real name,” he laughs.

Jordan, the Broadway-musical-star-turned-Hollywood-hopeful, performs along side the dynamic duo in the film about faith, family and finding a groove.

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Jordan plays Randy, a charming young guy from out of town who falls in love with Olivia, played by co-star Keke Palmer. Queen Latifah plays Olivia’s mother, and she is not happy about the sprouting of new love. Palmer talks about the first time she met Latifah, who is just as much a force in real life as she is on screen.

Meeting your childhood hero

“The first time I met Queen Latifah was when I was 9 years old on the set of Barber Shop 2,” says Palmer who has always looked up to the rap legend-turned-actress. “She was so nice to me.”

And what about the queen of country, Dolly Parton? What was it like to meet her?

“She was so alive,” Palmer says, throwing her arms up to simulate a big Dolly Parton hug. Jordan chimes in. “I smelled her before I ever met her,” he jokes.

Jordan recounts the story, saying he went into a rehearsal room and smelled a strong perfume. Then, he turned around and Dolly Parton was before him. “I was like, I’m ready, let’s do it,” he says. She’s definitely a head-turner.

Kicking it on a cool, relaxed set

Palmer and Jordan describe the atmosphere on the set as creative, relaxed and fun. The cast had a month to rehearse before production went into full swing, so everyone felt like a big old southern family.

Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan sat down with SheKnows to talk about what it’s like to work with legends Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah on the musical comedy about faith, family and first love.

Joyful Noise comes out Jan. 13 and co-stars Kris Kristofferson, Courtney B. Vance, Jesse L. Martin and Dexter Darden.