Giuliana Rancic found God in cancer

Jan 10, 2012 at 6:35 p.m. ET

Giuliana Rancic says breast cancer gave her a very special gift -- a renewed faith in God. The television host explained how cancer has changed her life in that and so many other ways -- read on to see how.

Giuliana RancicTV personality Giuliana Rancic has had a remarkable recovery from breast cancer and her double mastectomy in December, and she credits her bounce-back to two things: her husband Bill Rancic and her faith.

"I never thought my marriage could be stronger, or I could be closer to Bill," she told People magazine at a luncheon for the Television Critics Association press tour.

"We go to church every Sunday. And we did before, but it never meant as much as it does now," she explained.

"We prayed on our own, but now we pray together and you'll never know how much that means until you do it. Bill and I have changed our lives in that one way."

While some close to the star found her choice to have the extreme surgery questionable, Rancic said there was never a doubt she was doing the right thing for herself.

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"The surgery brought my risks down to 95 to 100 percent," she said. "If I had a lumpectomy, I would have early estrogen menopause for at least two years, and I want to have children."

"I didn't give two s**ts about my breasts. I didn't care that at the Golden Globes, I wouldn't be able to show cleavage," she said. "A lot of people were shocked. They said, 'Are you sure you want to do this? Think about the life you lead and the fabulous dresses and that's part of your job. It could put your job in jeopardy.' And I thought, if I ever have a job that is defined by my breasts and some gorgeous gown then I'm in the wrong business."

Truly though, the reality star can't say enough about how awesome her husband is.

"It breaks my heart that a lot of women don't have a supportive husband," she said. "Bill's a saint, and the hottest male nurse ever. He's very protective and it's almost as hard for him as it was for me."

Giuliana and Bill Rancic wed in 2007. Their fertility struggles have been the focus of several seasons of their reality show Giuliana and Bill.

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