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The Bachelor: Ego trips and breakdowns!

Why can’t we get a free trip to Sonoma like the girls of The Bachelor? Eh, after seeing what went down, maybe we’re not jealous.

Courtney acted like a high school mean girl, Jenna launched into hysterics and everyone acted in a horrible version of a community play. Yes, it’s only the second episode of The Bachelor there’s more where these hot messes came from.

Ben Flajnik grabbed his gaggle of girls and headed off to Sonoma for some really bad community theater and one-on-one dates.

We’re not sure what was worse, watching the ladies hit the Sonoma community theater stage in an effort to bring a play written by children to life or what happened after the show.

Every time the group date concludes on this franchise, the claws come out — it’s a tradition.

Blakeley resorted to all kinds of sexy/gross tricks to lure Ben into her clutches, which sent Samantha and others right off the deep end. Blakeley is in the running for being the most hated girl, so she better watch it.

Over in one-on-one land — Kacie got Ben Flajnik’s emotional side with a heartfelt stroll down memory lane via sights from his childhood and talk of his father’s passing (scored a rose), while Courtney got his intimate side with a moonlit tractor ride.

From the minute she opened her date card, Courtney was flaunting it in the girls’ faces. She turned the nasty volume all the way up and we were hearing it loud and clear.

Is it too late to trade Courtney for Kacie B. on our list of girls we like for Ben? Courtney was all sweet to Ben and then turns to the camera and brags about her rose — yuck!

We’re okay with clawing our own eyes out if it means we never have to see a girl blubber like Jenna did on the premiere — this week was even worse. Did you see her epic meltdown tonight or the way Blakeley hid in the luggage room once the girls made things “awkward” for her?

After all the tears were wiped and Ben tried to play peacemaker, buh-byes were given to crazy Jenna and Shawn, leaving the remaining girls…

Blakeley, 34, VIP cocktail waitress, Charlotte, North Carolina

Brittney, 26, medical sales rep, Denver, Colorado

Casey S., 26, trading clerk, Leawood, Kansas

Courtney, 28, model, Santa Monica, California

Elyse, 24, personal trainer, Chicago, Illinois

Emily, 27, PhD student, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Erika, 23, law student, Chicago, Illinois

Jaclyn, 27, advertising account manager, Newton, Massachusetts

Jamie, 25, registered nurse, Dryden, New York

Jennifer, 28, accountant, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kacie B., 24, administrative assistant, Clarksville, Tennessee

Lindzi C., 27, business development manager, Seattle, Washington

Monica, 33, dental consultant, Salt Lake City, Utah

Nicki, 26, dental hygienist, Hurst, Texas

Rachel, 27, fashion sales rep., New York City, New York

Samantha, 26, advertising account manager, Los Angeles, California

Photo credit: ABC

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