RED HOT BOOK OF THE WEEK: One Moment, One Morning

Sarah Rayner’s One Moment, One Morning is now out in paperback and is our SheKnows Red Hot Book of the Week.

A searing portrait of grief and a tribute to the power of friendship, One Moment, One Morning makes it clear how lives can be transformed in an instant. We couldn’t get enough of Rayner’s amazingly drawn characters, and the heartwrenching storyline was enough to make us think about the book long after the last pages were turned.

ONE MOMENT, ONE MORNING One Moment, one Morning cover

Three women on a morning train from Brighton to London, slogging through their morning commutes. To any outside observer, this is just another normal day; that is, until a man collapses on the train. In that instant, that blink of an eye, everything changes.

As Karen watches her husband, Simon, die, she doesn’t know how she’ll cope. After all, they have two young children and she always imagined they would have a lifetime of happiness together. Now all that is gone, ripped away from Karen in an instant. How will she face life, without Simon by her side? How will she face tomorrow?

Anna, Karen’s best friend, is shocked and horrified by this turn of events. After all, she was on that train, yet she didn’t know that her best friend’s husband was dying in the next car. All she thinks about is how she can be there for Karen, yet Anna must grapple with difficulties of her own. Simon’s death throws the cracks in her relationship with her boyfriend, Steve, into sharp relief. Is Anna really happy with Steve, or should she walk away?

Lou watched Simon die in front of her, and she is haunted by the thought of all he left undone. After all, Lou is a lesbian, but she hasn’t been able to come out to her controlling and judgmental mother. Though she finds fulfillment in her job as a counselor, can she find that same happiness in her personal life?

Through Simon’s tragic death, each of these women will find a new beginning, and above all, find that they don’t have to cope with the difficulties of life alone.

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