Charlize Theron: Sexless in "Mini-apple?"

Jan 9, 2012 at 1:48 p.m. ET

No sex for two years for Charlize Theron! Not as hard to believe as you would think and yes, it definitely means she was a good girl during the making of Young Adult, set in Minneapolis.

Charlize Theron

My friend is an absolute ringer for Charlize Theron. "Amber," at 5-foot-9, blonde and well, perfect, has sent hordes of men pummeling the internet to find "the gorgeous woman in pink at an event at Grand Central" recently. A whole thread no less.

"I haven't had sex in a year," Amber said after we became fast friends.

Amber, 24, sure could have been having sex. Lotsa sex. Big sex. Millionaire sex. (Ok. I made that one up but she could have run an ad and done very well. Beauty is recession proof.)

So when I read about Theron, I actually believed it. True beauties who endure men regularly walking into light poles, into traffic or web stalking simply don't need to hook up because they know they always can.

For them, the challenge is love.

How do you find it when everyone is struck senseless by your good looks? (Insert babbling reporter video from Young Adult press junket here: "Will you marry me Charlize?" Bleh.)

I kinda like that Theron's first round of singlehood since age 19 is now code for "I'm not having sex."

She's had two long-term relationships and there is a very tidy chance whomever she chooses to mate with will probably agree to have sex with her anyway. Do. You. Think?

So she waits. And like she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, she prefers to conduct her boy auditions over coffee at her place -- and the auditions are ongoing.

As for my gorgeous friend? She is a former Catholic school girl. They always talk like they're having sex and when you meet them you feel exhausted from all the sex they must be having.

But like Theron, she really isn't. Maybe it's a pre-wiring or maybe it's just really good self-esteem. The bottom line is, in celebrity land -- and the real world -- holding out for love makes sex better. Theron seems to have figured that out, which is why her last run with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend was nine years.

And we never heard an errant word or saw an unflattering photo tweeted from that man.

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