Adele: Rolling in the ego?

Jan 9, 2012 at 12:18 p.m. ET

Adele, a diva? Alleged informants in the singer's camp tell the glossies that the British songbird has "turned into this completely different person" ever since her sophomore album, 21, rose to the top of the charts.

Say it isn't so, Adele! Now that she's rolling in the dough, the once down-to-earth British crooner Adele has allegedly become 2012's answer to Shannen Doherty: A demanding diva!

Moles in the singer's camp charge that since her sophomore showing, 21, rose to the top of the international charts in 2011, Adele has become uncharacteristically intolerable. She's separated herself from longtime friends and even made outrageous demands before her tour was sidelined by vocal cord issues and a subsequent surgery.

"She's out of control," one tattle alleged on the pages of the Jan. 9 edition of the National Enquirer. "It's like she's become the new Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton. Adele used to make fun of those women, saying they were snooty or stuck up and now she's become just like them."

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Adele's people blame her success for her rumored change in personality. The Grammy-nominated 21 is the biggest selling album of the 21st century in the singer's native UK.

The LP has sold more than 3.8 million copies there since its release in January 2011. It's been number one across the pond, on and off, for 19 weeks; becoming the longest chart-topping album release in nearly 42 years.

21 was also America's best-selling album of 2011: In fact, it was the best-selling album in more than seven years. The distinction helped Adele earn Billboard magazine's coveted Artist of the Year gong.

"Ever since her hit song Rolling in the Deep took off, she's been acting like a total diva. She's turned into this completely different person… She sees herself as the new queen of pop music."

According to the Enquirer informant, Adele, 23, is very suspicious of her inner circle and fears that new people may be more interested in her money than they are in her. Her most-trusted confidante is her pet pooch. The singer ferries the pup around in a tote bag under her arm.

So how "demanding" is Adele?

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She refuses to drink domestic wine in the U.S., instead requesting "only Italian, French or Spanish," according to the report. She allows European beers, such as Beck's, Stella Artois and Peroni, to be served on her tour. And if a fan wants an autograph, they'd better have a Sharpie on hand!

Adele doesn't do "poor-quality pens."

"She also wants to stay in five-star hotel rooms, expensive paintings for her mom, you name it."

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