Fox hits Winter TCA Tour with Alcatraz, Touch

Representatives for the new Fox shows, Alcatraz and Touch, were on hand at the Winter TCA Press Tour this weekend and you don’t want to miss a minute of what was said.

Fox made its rounds at this weekend’s TCA Press Tour, chatting up J.J. Abrams’ mythological vehicle, Alcatraz, and Kiefer Sutherland’s, Touch.

If you can’t decide whether to tune in to Alcatraz or Touch when the new shows debut, check out the buzz…

Escape to Alcatraz!

You can’t fault J.J. Abrams for sticking with what works (Lost, Fringe).

Alcatraz will feature heavy mythological references while pulling from serialized elements — it will also act as a standalone — confused yet? Don’t be.

At Fox’s TCA Press Tour this weekend, J.J. Abrams spoke about the show that features the return of inmates from the famous prison walking in the present day.

According to a report via USA Today,, J.J. Abrams told reporters the show “was designed very much as an episodic show with overarching mythology stories that we will get to over time.”

He added, “The premise is the worst of the worst come back and these underdogs have to track them down.”

Time-traveling inmates causing chaos in present-day San Francisco while trying to evade those on the hunt for them? Totally Abrams!

J.J. Abrams went on to say, “I think this show has a real opportunity to do both episodic case of the week and obviously big looming stories.”

Producer Daniel Pyne added, “If you watch it occasionally, you won’t be disappointed; if you watch it consecutively, you’ll understand through lines; if you watch it piecemeal you’ll be able to understand it.”

Alcatraz makes its big debut on Fox beginning Monday, Jan. 16.

Get in Touch with Kiefer Sutherland

Over at the Touch panel, Kiefer Sutherland spoke about his character Martin Bohm, a one-time journalist whose wife was killed during Sept. 11. The now luggage handler is raising his autistic and mute son who has a unique obsession with numbers and can predict future events.

According to a report via TVGuide’s Twitter, Kiefer Sutherland said of the opportunity to work on Touch, “I could not turn this down because it spoke to me on a really profound level.”

Sutherland added, “The real driving force for my character is simply communicating with my son.”

Yes 24 fans, Kiefer Sutherland talked about the looming movie that is always “in production,” but never seems to move any further.

Sutherland said the 24 moviewill be shooting end of April or beginning of May”

Touch premieres Monday, Mar. 19 with a special preview airing Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Will you escape to Alcatraz? What about Touch?

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