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Corey Feldman details Hollywood sex abuse conspiracy

Corey Feldman is revealing more details about the sex abuse he says he endured as a child star — and claims Corey Haim was blackballed even after death because of a pedophile conspiracy.

Corey Feldman has spoken out about Hollywood sex abuse before — and he is not going to keep quiet about it. The actor and reality star said he will write a book about what happened to him and his BFF Corey Haim — and will do everything he can to make sure it doesn’t happen to other kids.

Feldman, currently competing on the British reality show Dancing on Ice, told The Sun UK new details of the horrors he endured as a teen idol at the hands of Hollywood pedophiles.

“When I was 14 and 15 things were happening to me. These older men were leching around like vultures,” he said.

“It was basically me laying there pretending I was asleep and them going about their business. I will write a book — I will put all the information forward.”

Why won’t Feldman just name his attackers? He fears for the safety of his own young son.

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“What it’s about now is protecting my child,” he said. “When you open a can of worms people are going to be in fear and they are going to want to take revenge. So you have to be careful.

“I look for the safety of my child. I don’t really care about me. I’ve lived a decent life so if anything happened to me…”

But that doesn’t mean he won’t speak out about what happened to him and his best friend and co-star Corey Haim — and how he is convinced Haim was snubbed after death because of the Hollywood sex abuse conspiracy.

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“Corey died from heart failure and pneumonia,” he said. “It was put out that he was a junkie and worthless to society. They went as far as to snub him at the Academy Awards. What, because he did drugs in his life? Who cares? Everybody does drugs. How selfish and narrow-minded.”

“The question is why had he been brushed under the carpet? Why do people make us out to be dumb and belittle us? Even today people say about me, ’80s heartthrob — hasn’t done anything since.’ The truth is I haven’t stopped. Last year I did four films.”

“Corey and I were pegged as the scapegoats. Enough is enough. People need to know the reason Corey and I were swept under the carpet like the beaten dogs that were sent to the pound so no one had to deal with us anymore.”

Feldman is currently doing what he can to help current victims of sex abuse in the Hollywood scene. He believes that by speaking out he will give kids the courage to do the same, and that seems to be what has happened in at least one case already when an unnamed victim accused talent agent Martin Weiss of molestation.

“I stood up and said there is a bigger problem, that I’d lost Corey and that I didn’t want to see any more kids lost to these sick perverts. Once I said that, it evoked this huge wave of people suddenly opening their eyes — and that’s when this kid had the courage to come forward and talk to police.”

“I’d like to get in touch with the kid. I want him to know he’s not alone and he has my support.”

Corey Haim died in March 2010 at the age of 38 of pneumonia after a long struggle with substance abuse.

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