Jetsons’ producer: Kanye West isn’t our creative director

Kanye West claimed on Twitter that he’s in talks to be the creative director in the rumored remake of The Jetsons. Find out why he’s not exactly telling the truth.

Kanye West is not creative director for The JetsonsOne of the many, many, many things Kanye West wrote about during his epic Twitter rant Wednesday night was his possible role as creative director on the oft-discussed reboot of The Jetsons. Fans were understandably pumped about the venture between Yeezy and the futuristic family.

One problem — it’s not true.

“There is no such thing on a movie,” The Jetsons’ producer Denise DiNovi told New York Magazine’s Vulture blog. “There’s an art director and a production designer.”

That’s not to say the Watch the Throne rapper is completely lying about working on The Jetsons — there was a call, but nothing is set in stone.

“The last two years I had various forms of communication from the studio that he had this real love and interest in The Jetsons as an artist,” producer Donald De Line added to Vulture. “My response was always through representatives, ‘Well, that’s great. We’ll let him know when we have a screenplay.’ I was thinking he was interested in it on a musical level, but apparently he’s deeply interested in art and architecture and wanted to be involved.”

So, what exactly happened during the 10-minute phone call earlier this week? DiNovi said it was “preliminary and exploratory and introductory. We explained how our process usually works, that usually there’s a screenplay, and a director in place first, and that this was … a nontraditional way, but then, he’s a guy with his fingers in a lot of pies, and who likes to work out of the box”

The film is still a long way from reality — they don’t have a director and just signed a new screenwriter to revamp the script.

“I don’t know what else to tell you,” DiNovi added. “He’s not the creative director on the movie, but I loved his passion for The Jetsons. He gets the whole thing about the future that never was. He sees us living on a precipice of technology — cameras in your eye, your mind as a remote control to fire lasers — and wonders how things are going to break, for good or for bad.”

Don’t feel too bad for Kanye, yet — he’s got that whole DONDA thing he’s working on, though we’re not sure he even knows what it’s about yet.

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