Elin Nordegren brings down the house

Big on the blogosphere this Friday: Elin Nordegren, best remembered by some as the former Mrs. Tiger Woods, has demolished her 17,000 square foot Florida mansion to make room for a new and improved dream house.

Elin Nordegren gives new meaning to the expression “bringing down the house.”

The former bride of scandal-scarred golfer Tiger Woods has hit the headlines again after taking a wrecking ball to her 17,000 square foot home to make room for a new pad.

Eight bathrooms, an in-ground pool and an elevator apparently don’t jive with Elin’s idea of a “dream house.”

Wealthy people say the darndest things!

Elin splashed out $12.2 million for the beachfront mansion in March. The original plan called for some major renovations to the 70-year-old home, local realtor John True tells the Palm Beach Post. Now the Swedish-born former model and single mom wants to completely rebuild the place from the ground up.

In mid-December, officials in Palm Beach County issued a demolition permit for Elin’s home. The expansive house, built in 1932, was destroyed early Friday.

We’ve got five bucks that says the jilted bride was actually envisioning a demolition crew taking a wrecking ball to Tiger’s “golf balls” when she handed down the order!

The ex Mr. and Mrs. Woods ended their six-year marriage in a Florida courtroom in 2009. The split was the final chapter in a humiliating nine months of revelations for Elin and an expensive fall from grace for Tiger. The union was destroyed by a stunning sex scandal that saw Woods romantically linked to at least 13 other women during his relationship with Nordegren.

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Nordegren will not disclose how much money she received in the divorce settlement. She does confess, however, that she is now wealthy enough to stay at home and raise the former couple’s two young children, daughter Sam and son Charlie.

“Elin has picked one of the most exclusive parts of Florida. She wanted something special and close to the beach, so the kids could have fun,” a local source says.

The estate is just 11 miles south of Tiger’s compound on Jupiter Island.

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“She’s always loved the sound of the ocean. The house wasn’t officially listed for sale, but she heard the owners were prepared to sell, so she went ahead and made an offer. She chose somewhere relatively close to Tiger so it would be easy for the kids to spend time with their dad. Despite everything that Tiger did to her, she still feels that Sam and Charlie need a father figure in their lives.”

Nordegren and her tots will “slum it ” in a rental home in the nearby oceanfront community of Juno Beach while they wait for construction on their new place to be completed.

Elin will continue her work towards her Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

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