Wiz Khalifa’s $2.3 million copyright infringement suit

Hip hopster Wiz Khalifa has been sued for $2.3 million after allegedly lifting his famous 2010 song, “Black and Yellow,” from another Pennsylvania musician.

A Pennsylvania man wants a large chunk of the cash Wiz Khalifa uses to support his very expensive weed habit.

The Pittsburgh native son — a self-professed marijuana addict — has been slapped with a $2.3 million lawsuit from a songwriter who claims Wiz ripped off his 2010 chart-topper “Black and Yellow” from him.

Meet Max Warren.

Warren is a Philadelphia-based emcee who performs under the stage name Maxamillion. He says Khalifa’s signature song was lifted from “Pink N Yellow,” a work Warren copyrighted in 2008.

That’s a full three years before “Black and Yellow” landed a copyright in 2011.

A coincidence? Max doesn’t think so.

Khalifa (born Cameron Jibril Thomaz), two other songwriters and several record companies and music publishers are named as plaintiffs in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed in federal court in Philadelphia this week. Warren is seeking at least $2.3 million in damages.

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“Black and Yellow” was adopted as the unofficial theme song of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2011 trip to the Super Bowl.

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While mum publicly, Wiz is reportedly saying plenty about the song theft allegation and Warren’s lawsuit in private.

“Wiz has never heard of this guy… it’s just a plot that happens all the the time to rappers to get money. This is just some no-name rapper who wants to get paid,” a pal of the lyricist spat to TMZ Thursday.

Attorneys for Warren tell a different story. According to the legal team, Wiz’s people had been in contact with them in hopes of reaching a settlement deal in the days leading up to Thursday’s court filing.

Just how similar are “Pink ‘N Yellow” and “Black and Yellow?” You be the judge! Take a listen to both tracks by pressing the Play button on the videos below.



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