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Get Smash-ed in February!

Anyone tuning in to Smash beginning in February with thoughts of Glee-like antics is sadly mistaken. The two stand on their own and there’s room for both.

The making of a Broadway show set inside a show — it could be cheesy, but thanks to careful casting and story development, Smash is on track to be anything but.

Smash has it all: Two songwriters (Debra Messing/Christian Borle) looking to launch a Broadway show, a green, hungry actress (Katharine McPhee) and, of course, a headstrong producer (Anjelica Huston). Throw real life into the mix and it’s a formula, when done right, that can really work.

In a day and age where breaking into song on Glee is taking over, Smash offers a gritty feel to the song and dance genre.

It’s not going to be about busting a move when the feeling strikes. It’s about life intersecting with the road to opening a Broadway show — see, we told you there was room for both.

Check out what’s to come on Smash

Because we’re in such a Smash-ing mood, here’s another glimpse into the world of Smash...

Will you be there opening night to watch the characters begin putting a show together while navigating life’s bumps such as divorce, adoption and the big, bad world of making it as an actress?

We’re intrigued to see if Smash and its mock Broadway show based on Marilyn Monroe will be a smash hit.

Hit up the comments section to tell us if you’ll be tuning in. We know you have an opinion, so why not use it?

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