Getting to know Are You There, Chelsea?

It’s happy hour with NBC! The peacock network is kicking off Wednesday, Jan. 11 with an all-new Whitney, followed by the premiere of Are You There, Chelsea. Keep reading to get to know the newest member of NBC’s Wednesday lineup.

Break out the vodka, it’s time for Chelsea! Chelsea Handler might not be playing herself in the new NBC sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea, but her influence is all over this bad boy.

We’ve heard Chelsea Handler describe her life or read it about in her best-selling book, Are You There, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea, but how delicious is it going to be watching it play out on the small screen?

Better yet, how sinfully delightful is it going to be watching Laura Prepon (That ’70s Show) play a TV version of Chelsea Handler?

The background is simple — after getting a DUI, Chelsea (Laura Prepon) vows to turn her life around, which includes getting a new apartment closer to work. To top it off, her sister Sloane (Chelsea Handler) is due to give birth with her husband stationed overseas.

In order to get you prepped for the big premiere, we thought it was only fair we get to know the character of Chelsea.

Since we can’t do it the way Chelsea Handler would — by getting cozy with top-shelf booze — we’ve got the next best thing — clips!

See how Chelsea — the character — deals with meeting a new potential roommate…

Whoops! Chelsea ends up behind bars. Like everyone else facing a DUI, she vows to turn things around…

Chelsea Handler is taking over and taking charge with Are You There, Chelsea and her recent deal with E! that puts her at the network until 2014.

We want to hear your thoughts on this hot woman on the move…

Are you tuning in for Are You There, Chelsea?

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