The Bachelor preview: Sonoma bound!

The remaining 18 women are Sonoma bound on The Bachelor this week and with this much crazy left in the competition anything could happen.

Ben Flajnik is whisking the ladies off to his hometown on The Bachelor and we’re not sure if that’s such a good idea. Is it wise to let the looney ones know where you live?

On this week’s new episode of The Bachelor, viewers get to watch Ben Flajnik make nice with two ladies while being fawned over during the group date.

Oh, how we’ve missed this part of the show since last season! Meow is all we’ll say about that.

On the epic meltdown front, Jenna choking on her tears was a nice start in the premiere, but that was just the beginning. Courtney is on a mission to make the girls jealous of her date with Ben and by night’s end someone will be in tears — again.

Check out a preview of Courtney getting to the girls…

These girls should know better than to take Courtney’s bait.

We have to give the girls a pass for letting her get to them, though — we’d be a bit ticked off too if we had to watch her parade around, teasing us with her date details.

We gave you a sneak peek at the top five women we thought would make the perfect matches for Ben, and now it’s your turn…

Head over to our comments section and predict who you think will be there for the final rose.

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