Dash Dolls! Kardashian Barbies headed to toy chest near you

Dash Dolls! Mattel has inked a deal to create a limited-edition line of Barbie dolls in the likenesses of the Kardashian sisters. Yep, soon everyone will have a Kardashian to play with — just like all the players in the NBA!

The world-famous Kardashian sisters already possess the perfect looks and flawless figures of a Barbie. Now the girls are going to be immortalized in plastic for real.

Soon every household will have a Kardashian to play with as Kourtney, Kim and Khloe prepare to have their likenesses crafted for an upcoming limited-edition line of Barbie dolls.

The announcement comes after Kim, 31, name-dropped Barbie in a recent Twitter posting.

“Merry Christmas Barbs! I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of each other [in 2012]. Shopping soon!” the socialite wrote.

E! News claims the toys, dubbed Dash Dolls, will each don a unique outfit. A similar real-life version of the threads will be available for purchase at any of the Kardashians’ Dash boutiques, which are located in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.

“The dolls will reflect the girls’ measurements and may even come in Kardashian-designed outfits,” a tipster told The New York Post Thursday.

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Do you think that means the Kardashian replicas will rival the real-life dimensions of the notorious trio — namely Khloe’s long gams, Kourtney’s waify frame and Kim’s ample arse?

The Kardashians are not the first celebrities to become Barbie Girls.

Mattel, the toy manufacturer behind the famous doll, recently produced a Grace Kelly line of Barbies. Hip-hopster Nicki Minaj — who appeared as a Barbie-like doll on the cover of her platinum-selling debut album, Pink Friday — was immortalized in plastic just last year. Katy Perry’s charity Barbie doll was one of the biggest online sellers of 2011.

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Of course, we suspect pop queen Madonna won’t be pleased to learn that Mattel is getting in bed with the Kardashians. The Material Girl has reportedly been trying to get the company to create a Madge-inspired Barbie since 2008!

The Kardashian Barbies are expected to hit retailers’ shelves before year’s end.

Would you invest in a Kardashian Barbie?

Photo credits: Judy Eddy/WENN.com


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