January book picks: Day five of January’s best reads

We’ve tapped Luxury Reading’s book lovin’ blogger, Vera, to give us the scoop all month long on what books are worth the read. She’ll be dishing out daily book picks — and here’s pick five.

Looking in from the outside, Jill Westfield leads the perfect life. The reality, however, is very different. Jill moves through her days full of chores and errands on auto-pilot, with her husband, Henry, seemingly oblivious to the disconnect growing in their marriage.

When Jill hears that her ex, Jackson, the one she left after meeting Henry, is getting married, she is sent into a tailspin of what ifs. Waking up the next morning, Jill finds herself in her old pre-marriage apartment, the apartment she shared with Jackson. Through some weird time warp, she is thrown back in time to a life pre-Henry, pre-children, and most importantly, pre-her break up with Jackson.

Time of My Life, Allison Winn Scotch’s second novel (she’s about to publish her fourth), is an immensely enjoyable and engaging one at that. It is an interesting look at fate and of how one single choice can lead to a completely different set of outcomes. I was constantly on the edge of my seat wondering whether Jill would stay with Jackson and let her life take a different direction or if she would be pulled back to Henry and the motherhood she misses once it’s no longer there.


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