The Good Wife borrows from Glee

Usually Glee is the one announcing guest stars, not loaning its precious few to other shows.

CBS’ The Good Wife has snatched up the former boyfriend of Rachel Berry.

Jonathan Groff, the hottie known as Jesse St. James on Glee, has landed a one episode guest role on The Good Wife.

Gleeks can look for Groff to make his CBS debut on the 15th episode of The Good Wife and don’t expect to see any singing or dancing.

Jonathan Groff will ditch his Glee persona in exchange for something more courtroom-esque.

According to TVLine, Groff will play Jimmy, “a plaintiff suing a software company after his sister disappears during a peaceful protest in Syria.”

The episode is set to air in late January, according to the report

Yeah, totally not a song and dance type of role. We can get down with that.

Speaking of song and danceGlee fans need not fear, Groff is expected to return to the hit show later this season and he’s upping his game.

He’ll be back on the scene as the coach of New Directions biggest competition — Vocal Adrenaline.

Glee’s winter return kicks off on Jan. 17 with the addition of NeNe Leakes, Helen Mirren and a homage to Grease.

Oh, those summer nights is right. Did you see the pictures? Sam makes one smoking Danny Zuko!

Which leads us to ask: Is anyone else excited to see Sam try and get Mercedes back by joining the synchronized swim team?

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Which Jonathan Groff are you into: The Glee version or The Good Wife?

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