Sinéad O'Connor cancels divorce after hot sex

Jan 4, 2012 at 1:40 p.m. ET

Sinéad O'Connor has decided to cancel her divorce after a night of sweet, sweet lovemaking with her new hubby -- and she over-shared the whole experience on Twitter.

Sinead O'Connor

Many a bad romance has been drawn out by the fire of really hot sex -- and Sinéad O'Connor's fledgling marriage is just the latest in a long line of afterglow-based relationships.

The Irish singer, who wed Barry Herridge in Las Vegas in December, and decided to divorce him just 18 days later, told fans that she changed her mind again -- all because of a night of good lovin'.

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"Spent beautiful evening of love making with [none] other than husband!" O'Connor wrote on Twitter. "Who turned up angelically we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Guess who had a mad lovemaking affair with her own husband last night?" she continued.

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"Yay!!! we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again an stay married but we did rush so we gonna return to b friend g friend an be sickenly happy an go counsellin an move in in like a yr like regular people.. but stay married an we all in love an f**k every other motherf**ker who dont like it.. so me all happy!! me love me hubby.. he love me... f**k who no like it.. God is good!"

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"So sinead got laid!!! an all well… yay!!! me husband is a big hairy cave man an came to claim me with his club : ) and now im in cave-land.. yay!! we both go panto!"

You know what they say: Nothing compares to a big "club."

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