Getting glossy: Kardashian magazine coming soon?

Another day, another business venture for TV’s most famous family. As gossips tell it, the Kardashians have hatched a lucrative plan to curtail some of the bad press that has hit their empire in recent months: They’ll infiltrate the magazine industry!

The Kardashians are mad enough to start a magazine.

The First Family of Calabasas is about to get very glossy.

And we aren’t talking about that Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss Kim is always reapplying.

The Kardashians are shopping a proposed magazine that could be headed for a newsstand near you, according to a new report.

(Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Straight off the back of accusations that their clothing line is made in sweatshops, the Kardashians are in the firing line again: A former nanny is peddling a tell-all book about her time working for the family.

The reality klan is so on edge about the myriad of bad press it’s received of late — especially in the wake of Kim’s insta-marriage to Kris Humphries — they’ve decided to take charge of their own public image by launching a magazine imprint devoted to all things Kardashian.

“This is a Kardashian idea,” a loose-lipped informant whispered to The New York Post’s “Page Six” column Wednesday. “They have been reaching out to several media outlets.”

The Kardashian sisters plan to spin their own stories by being “heavily involved editorially,” according to the Post’s report.

We hear they’ve even found a publisher for the sensational deal. Kim, Kourtney and the rest of the gang are reportedly this close to reaching a lucrative publishing agreement with American Media Inc. (AMI), which owns Star magazine, The National Enquirer and Shape magazine.

AMI recently launched Reality Weekly, a magazine devoted to reality TV. Star magazine gossip gawker Victoria Gotti is editor.

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There are several rumors about what Kardashian fans (and boycotters) can expect to find between the covers of the stars’ latest venture.

Some squeals say the untitled Kardashian magazine will be more of a fanzine dedicated to television’s most famous family. Other tipsters suspect the mag will be similar to Kim’s popular Celebuzz blog, which is packed with hour-to-hour updates about family goings-on and plugs for sponsors.

The Kardashian magazine is being prepped for a spring debut.

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