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Giuliana Rancic: Cancer won’t stop her baby dreams

Giuliana Rancic was on her way to start a round of fertility treatments when she found out she had breast cancer. Now that the E! host has had a double mastectomy what remains of her plans to try for a baby?

Bill and Giuliana RancicGiuliana Rancic isn’t yet fully recovered from surgery, but she’s already looking forward to trying for a baby again — someday. The E! news host and husband Bill Rancic spoke to HollywoodLife recently about where the current status of their hope for a child stands.

“There is really no plan yet,” Giuliana Rancic shared. “The main thing is recover and the doctors see how long it takes you. The last thing you want to do is get pregnant right now. You’re really in no shape to do that.”

The 37-year-old, who discovered she had breast cancer while preparing for a round of fertility treatments continued, “As soon as I feel back to my old self again and once we get over this. We’re not done trying and we want kids. We’re not getting younger. As soon as we’ve recovered from this and I feel healthy enough to move on and our doctor says it’s OK to get pregnant, we certainly will.”

“One marathon at a time,” said Bill Rancic, who says the ordeal has brought the couple closer than ever. “For the first time in our marriage, we started praying together. We’ve never really done that. I don’t care what religion you are. With faith it doesn’t matter, you find your god in a situation with this.”

Giuliana is quick to praise Bill for his support during her hellish recovery. “Day by day I get stronger,” she shared. “Now I can open the car by myself. [But] you really take for granted the little things in your life like brushing your teeth or putting a dress on. I could never have gotten through this without Bill.”

Here’s hoping the new year brings good health and happiness to Bill and Giuliana Rancic!

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