Hypocrisy alert! Is Brandi Glanville the other woman?

The ex-wife of Brandi Glanville’s fake new husband says The Real Housewives star was once her best friend — until Brandi stole her man!

Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville may think her non-legal Vegas wedding to Darin Harvey is absolutely hilarious — but one person who isn’t laughing is Harvey’s ex-wife — who just happens to be Glanville’s former BFF.

Michelle Harvey let loose a diatribe on Twitter today accusing Glanville of having an affair with her ex behind her back and hurting their kids in the process.

“I was BG BFF for 12 yrs b4 betrayed by her n my ex Darin!” Michelle tweeted. “Brandi doesn’t care about me or my son… But Darin should!!!!”

“She was my best friend until she started an affair w my ex hus Darin behind my back!!!!” she wrote. “All our sons are paying the price… BG marriage to Darin Harvey wasn’t funny to our son tanner!!!! She was my BFF until she stated [sic] affair w my ex husband!!!”

What’s worse is that Michelle claims the fake wedding — there was no paperwork filed so the marriage isn’t legal — was all for publicity.

“Darin told me they did it for the publicity!!! Pathetic fame whores. All 3 kids are devastated,” Michelle wrote.

“They are both back peddling…Darin admitted to me it was her idea for publicity.”

Yowza! If true, wouldn’t this make Brandi Glanville no better than LeAnn Rimes, the woman she claims ruined her own marriage to Eddie Cibrian? There’s the rub: Glanville says Michelle is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star responded on Twitter, “@modellharveym You cheated on @darinharvey with one of his family members! U left him, u have a serious cocaine problem.Stop the lies.”

“I’ve never had sex with Darin! Our wedding was our first kiss!We are just friends… Michelle is a drug addict with a vendetta against me.”

Glanville also implied she has already sicced her legal team on the ex.

So much for a no drama 2012!

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