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The Bachelor: Our top five picks for Ben Flajnik


Despite meeting a lot of crazy ladies on the premiere of The Bachelor, we were able to weed through the loonies to come up with our top five ladies.

Making the final four of The Bachelor puts you one step closer to picking out china patterns, but the final five isn’t so bad either. We spied five ladies with our little eyes who would be perfect for Ben Flajnik to take to the end.

As we watched girl after girl put on her best show for Ben Flajnik on Monday’s premiere of The Bachelor, we thought one match might be hopeless, let alone five.

We managed to find a few bachelorettes, however, that we approve of.

No, the girl who choked on her own tears (Jenna) didn’t make our list. Nor did the lady who would have made a better contestant on The Bachelorette (lady-loving Monica).

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We picked a gal who can make an entrance, a model and a few other classy pieces of work. Without further ado, here’s our top five picks for Ben Flajnik — in no particular order…

Elyse, 24, personal trainer, Chicago, Illinois

Elyse hails from Chicago, Illinois and promised to make Ben Flajnik sweat — not just because she’s cute, but because she’s a personal trainer.

The girl walked in with confidence. Anyone who can get a man to do push-ups the first night out has the stuff to make it to the end — trust us.

Plus, we think she’d be a good match for Ben’s sporty side. She’s also got gams to boot and he’ll definitely want to hang on to those.

Courtney, 28, model, Santa Monica, California

Oh, Courtney the model. Do we need to say more than the word “model?”

In every season, someone who shouldn’t make it to the top always does and there’s no way he’ll pass up keeping her on the list.

She’s beautiful and plays with his hair, making for a very distracted man and we’re not even going to try and pretend she won’t make it to the end.

Courtney’s on our list because of pure laws of attraction. We know, we had trouble with it too.

Emily, 27, PhD student, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Rapping Emily is highly entertaining and we like the fact that she likes things clean — did you all see the hand sanitizer?

Ben was taken with her rap skills and we, yes, we, have to respect her use of hands during the little ditty.

She came off quirky, but quirky usually turns into something special in the end, so she’s definitely on our one-to-watch list.

Lindzi C., 27, business development manager, Seattle, Washington

Lindzi sure can make an entrance — it got her the “first impression” rose. She rode in on her cute little horse and it not only got Ben Flajnik’s attention — it got the girls’ too.

Once all the hoopla of Mr. Ed was done, the two ended up having a great connection.

Ben said it himself — it wasn’t just about the entrance. The girl from Seattle, Washington proved she had the goods to back up the horse.

Brittney, 26, medical sales rep, Denver, Colorado

Last, but not least, by any means, is Brittney.

We have three words for you — “I love Grandmas.” Brittney pulled the best move ever. She brought her grandma to the party to prove her love of family, which is something Ben holds dear.

He looked right at the camera and declared, “I love grandmas.” You can’t compete with Sheryl the grandma, or the girl who brought her there. Way to go, girl.

We know everyone is going to have an opinion on this one, so head over to our comments section and sound off!

Do you agree with our top five picks for Ben Flajnik?

Photo credit: ABC

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