Kate Middleton’s birthday bash: Cocktails and karaoke

Kate Middleton is celebrating a milestone birthday soon, and her party probably won’t be that different from your own. See what her sister and brother-in-law have in store for the Queen-to-be!

Kate Middleton

Potent cocktails and bad karaoke: Sounds like a typical Friday night, right? Try a royal birthday celebration. Kate Middleton is turning 30 soon, and rumor has it her sister Pippa Middleton is throwing a right proper bash for the Duchess of Cambridge — with a little help from master partier Prince Harry.

A source told Grazia magazine that Pippa and Harry are pulling together a party that Kate will never forget, and they are doing it up because Kate’s got a serious few months ahead of her.

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“In many ways, this is going to be Kate’s last chance to let go like she did back in the old days when she and William first met,” said the source.

“The party has been months in the planning. Pippa and Harry have been in the thick of it, and have recruited a bunch of friends to help.”

“It’s going to be a party of clashes in every way,” said the insider. “On the one hand there are all these exquisite royal trappings, and on the other, Pippa is planning to top off the party with a karaoke session. Kate needs to enjoy herself while she can, though, so she can be forgiven for belting out a few Duran Duran and Madonna numbers on her birthday.”

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What dreadful event is Kate about to undergo post-party? Her hubby Prince William will soon be deployed to the Falkland Islands with the Royal Air Force, with whom he works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. He will be gone for six weeks.

“It’s all going to get pretty serious soon afterwards. Kate’s understandably nervous and is going to miss William desperately,” said the source.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge turns 30 on Jan. 9.

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