Carnie Wilson is addicted to everything

Jan 3, 2012 at 1:54 p.m. ET

Carnie Wilson still struggles with her weight -- but food isn't the only addiction she's fighting. Read on to see how she struggles with the weight of everyday life.

Carnie Wilson

Despite undergoing gastric bypass surgery -- televised no less -- in 1999, Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson says she still struggles with her weight. What's to blame? Stress, and the fact that she's addicted to pretty much everything.

"I'm definitely up in weight," Wilson told Fox News of her weight battle. "I'm looking forward to getting an exercise routine again. It's like a daily decision. Am I going to eat healthy today or am I going to make some sh**ty decisions?"

"I've had so much stress in the last year, so it's really a struggle," she said. "I never hide. When I walk down the street, someone's going to take my picture, that's what I look like. It's usually a sh**ty picture."

Wilson blames those bad choices on her addiction to addiction: Food, stress, drugs, alcohol, you name it.

"I always think I am one of the millions and millions of people that struggles with an addiction to food. I don't know how to relax, that's my problem."

"I can't smoke a joint. I can't have a glass of wine because I want 10 joints and 10 glasses of wine," she said. "That's my obsessive-compulsive and addictive behavior. I've really struggled since I've become sober."

"You try to pay the bills, you try to keep your life going and there's pressure. It's kind of a funny time right now," she said.

"Negativity has thrown a dark cloud over this whole country and I feel for everybody. I feel very blessed in my life, but I also work my ass off. At the end of the day, I don't know how to unwind."

Fans of the singer saw exactly how harried her life gets when she and former Growing Pains star Tracey Gold switched lives in a special bonus episode of Celebrity Wife Swap last night.

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