Uh-oh: Police called to Lindsay Lohan’s home

Lindsay Lohan was forced to call police to her home Monday night as a creepy stalker named Lonnie Short refused to leave her residence. Even more worrisome, he claimed to know her longtime stalker, David Cocordan.

Police called to Lindsay Lohan's home Monday night.

Lindsay Lohan thought she was taking all the necessary steps to start 2012 off right, but police ended up at Lohan’s home Monday night. TMZ broke the story when law enforcement spoke with the celebrity news agency early Jan. 2, 2012.

According to TMZ, a 64-year-old man named Lonnie Short was arrested after he trespassed onto Lindsay Lohan’s Venice Beach property. TMZ reports Short came to her front door around 6:30 p.m. and knocked incessantly.

When Lohan asked what he wanted, he would only say he needed to speak with her. He then mentioned the name David Cocordan — a man Lindsay claimed had stalked her from 2009 to 2011. Lohan was issued a restraining order against Cocordan in May 2011 after a judge reviewed disturbing text messages and reports of unauthorized visits to her home.

When Short refused to leave Lohan’s property, someone from Lindsay’s residence called 911. According to TMZ, it’s unclear if Lohan personally called for help.

Lonnie Short was arrested and TMZ was there to witness as Short was cuffed and escorted into a police vehicle. He was booked into jail and is still being held on $1,000 bail. No word yet if a restraining order will be filed for Lindsay’s safety.

Lohan was clearly shaken by the event as she increased security around her home on Tuesday. Sources spoke to TMZ and explained that the troubled actress wants to hire a personal bodyguard to protect her around the clock and is looking to install security cameras.

Given Lohan’s celebrity status, we were surprised to learn Lohan lived so low-key. Lindsay Lohan recently made headlines for her nude Playboy pictorial and quiet New Year’s Eve plans.

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