That’s what BFFs are for: Rihanna comforts Katy Perry

Dumped Katy Perry is getting over her pending divorce from funnyman Russell Brand with the help of her best pal, Rihanna. The “Rude Boy” songbird has invited Perry to spend a few days in her native Barbados as the soon-to-be divorcée copes with the downfall of her 14-month marriage.

That’s what BFFs are for!

Katy Perry is getting over her separation from Russell Brand with the help of her best friend and fellow pop tart, Rihanna, according to reports. The Bajan songstress has invited the dumped singer to spend a few days in her native Barbados and is arranging a girls-only vacation in Mexico, following the confirmation that Russell and Katy are ending their 14-month marriage.

Russell filed for divorce from Katy in Los Angeles on Friday, citing, “irreconcilable differences.” He released a statement, saying, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

Speculation is rife about why Katy and Russell split. Some reports claims that Russell wanted to settle down and have children while Katy wanted to party and continue to focus on her career.

“She called Rihanna as soon as she heard Russell was filing for divorce,” a source told British glossy The Sun this week.

“Katy was embarrassed about calling her parents as they’d been so against Russell in the first place, but Rihanna was a great support for her and she really helped to calm her down. When Katy told her the news, she suggested flying down to Barbados to stay with her and her family,” the tipster added.

“They are planning a girlie getaway so Katy can clear her head,” another tattle told The Mirror.

Rihanna was never a fan of Russell or the marriage, according to well-publicized tabloid reports.

“She feels like the relationship is toxic,” a spy, who spoke on the condition on anonymity, told Women’s Day magazine shortly after Russ and Katy wed in October 2010.

Rihanna cited work commitments as the reason why she skipped out on Russell and Katy’s wedding in India. The mag claimed, however, that the disapproving hit-maker intentionally stayed away from the ceremony because she didn’t think a teased haired, leggings-clad former sex addict would make a suitable husband for her dearest friend.

“She’s convinced Katy is just going to get hurt by Russell and she wanted to send a loud message. If you notice, she is very rarely photographed with Russell, because she doesn’t think he is good enough for Katy.”

Rule number one of being a good friend: Knowing when not to say “I told you so!”

By all appearances, Katy’s already getting a head start on moving forward. The breakup didn’t seem to keep her from being in what appeared to be a festive mood New Year’s Eve. The “Teenage Dream” songstress was spotted laughing and dancing with pals at the Soho House in West Hollywood over the weekend.

The 27-year-old’s refreshed outlook was in stark contrast to her soon-to-be ex-hubby. Brand looked lonely as he wandered the streets of London a few hours before the arrival of 2012.

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