January book picks: Day three of January’s best reads

We’ve tapped Luxury Reading’s book lovin’ blogger, Vera, to give us the scoop all month long on what books are worth the read. She’ll be dishing out daily book picks — and here’s pick three.

Michelle Moran’s newest historical fiction novel, Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution has recently been optioned for a miniseries with Michael Hirst (who wrote The Tudors for Showtime) writing the script, and I cannot wait to experience this amazing book on the screen.

I’ve been to several Madame Tussauds museums, but prior to reading this book, I had no idea that Madame Tussauds was anything more than a made up name. Moran expertly brings the woman, Marie Grosholtz (later Tussaud), and one of the most volatile times in French history to life with her engaging writing and painstaking research. Marie was a woman beyond her time and, along with her uncle, ran a thriving wax museum at a time when most people could not afford to buy food. She also dedicated herself to business and made a name for herself at a time when most women were solely dependent on their husbands.

The backdrop of the book was just as equally fascinating as Marie’s story. I was instantly immersed in the constantly changing characters and events of the time and felt the sweeping tide of the revolution that overtook France. Madame Tussaud is a gem of a book from a wonderful writer and is not to be missed.


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