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Man on a Ledge

The hunky Avatar star, Sam Worthington, is back on the big screen in his latest action-packed adventure, Man on a Ledge, the story of an ex-con who wants nothing more than to prove his innocence.

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But when you’re backed into a corner and you have nowhere else to go, sometimes out… or more like down, is the only option. That’s how Nick Cassidy (Worthington) finds himself on the window ledge of a skyscraper in New York City.

He’s ready to die, or so he says he is, for being wrongfully framed for the theft of a $40 million diamond.

Don’t jump!

Whether Nick did the job or not doesn’t seem to be relevant to Lydia Mercer (played by Elizabeth Banks from The 40-Year-Old Virgin and 30 Rock fame). She’s the police psychologist assigned to try to talk this lunatic out of jumping to his death.

At first, she thinks this job is a text book case, but the more she talks to this frantic man standing on the ledge of a very tall building, the more she starts to understand he might not be trying to commit suicide at all. Our svelte Perseus has more than a simple plan up his sleeve. With this help of his brother, played by Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, The Adventures of Tintin), Nick might be able to prove his innocence.

Who is guilty and who is innocent…?

The supporting cast features Anthony Mackie (Real Steel, What’s Your Number?), Edward Burns (She’s the One), Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind, Pollock) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer).

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