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Tweets hint at Chris Brown, Rihanna reunion


A series of lovey-dovey tweets have prompted speculation that Chris Brown and Rihanna may be an item again. The rumored reunion comes nearly three years after the once squeaky-clean crooner was arrested and slapped with a restraining order for brutally beating Rihanna in a Grammy night brawl in Los Angeles.

A new year reunion for Chris Brown and Rihanna?

A series of mushy tweets has celebrity watchers wondering if Rihanna is snuggling up to her abusive former flame, R&B crooner Chris Brown.

The former couple sparked controversy among fans when they began following one another on Twitter last May; this even though Brown remains under a restraining order for roughing Rihanna up in that highly publicized Grammy night assault back in 2009.

The hairs of music aficionados are once again standing on end after the musical pair recently exchanged tweets including the dreaded L-word. On Thursday, Breezy, 22, sent out a “Love U” tweet that the Bajan songbird promptly responded to in the same vein.

Does that mean Chrihanna is hot and heavy again? No one knows for certain. But we hear the exes “have connected via text and email.”

Star magazine snoops suggest Chris’ manager mother, Joyce Hawkins, may be behind the rumored reunion.

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If the gossip mill is to be believed, Rihanna, 23, has adopted a lifestyle of heavy drinking and partying since her romance with Brown hit the skids three years ago. Friends fear the Grammy-winning pop star is acting out her grief over losing the bad boy.

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(She even featured a Breezy-inspired baddie in the video promo for her hit single “We Found a Love.”)

Mama Breezy is reportedly trying to help the “Rude Boy” singer get back on track. Last month, Hawkins sent out her own tweet that appeared to be an overture to Rihanna. It appeared the singer took it that way: “Miss+Love U 2,” she wrote back.

“Joyce is worried about her,” says a squeal. “She knew Rihanna as a sweet, young girl who was more interested in her career than partying all night long. If Rihanna thinks being with Chris will help her pull out of her tailspin, Joyce will make it happen.”

That might prove a difficult feat. Rihanna’s people have refused to allow the Browns access to the hit-maker, tipsters spill.

“Her management won’t let her meet up with him, because they are so worried that he would hurt her again or that her fans would turn on her.”

Chris is legally restrained from coming within 500 feet of Rihanna until 2014. Last year, a California judge left a provision in the protective order, allowing Chris and Rihanna to attend the same award shows.

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