See who kissed on the return of The Vampire Diaries

With every bite and every stake, we’ve watched The Vampire Diaries unravel the mysteries of nightwalkers and hybrids living amongst the citizens of Mystic Falls. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, we realize — we don’t.

The Vampire Diaries returned with “The New Deal” this week and we are definitely loving the new badass Elena.

We made a few wishes we wanted to see come true when the clock struck midnight on NYE and someone at The Vampire Diaries’ camp was listening.

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In the return of TVD and “The New Deal,” Elena grew a pair, Jeremy chopped off a hybrid’s head and there was a steamy kiss that gave “throwing caution to the wind” a whole new meaning.

“The New Deal” was one long pout session for poor Klaus. He stomped around the episode, demanding his coffins and family be returned, resorting to violence when he didn’t get his way. 10-year-old Klaus is oh, so charming.

Despite sending a crazy hybrid to run down Jeremy in a car, Klaus still couldn’t get his coffins back. Relax, it’s just the first episode of the winter — there’s still time.

Wait, how did Jeremy end up without his protection ring and in front of a car in the first place? Oh, that’s right, Tyler and Klaus — the new BFFs — used compulsion and deceit.

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Speaking of rings — Alaric is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Damon snapped his neck last season and this time Alaric saved Jeremy’s life, conjuring up bloody consequences.

Sure, Alaric’s ring was in place, but coughing up blood was not part of the plan. What was with the protection rings in this episode?

After a date with a cleaver and a hybrid’s head, Jeremy gave Elena the all-clear to get Alaric to the hospital for a dose of sweet, sweet cure-all medicine — Damon’s blood.

While Alaric was busy sipping on the red stuff, Damon was finding out the real reason Stefan saved Klaus back in the fall finale and Elena was offering Rebekah to Klaus in exchange for her brother’s safety — don’t worry, he left the dagger in his baby sis.

This all led up to the big kiss of the episode! After Damon compelled Jeremy to forget Mystic Falls to keep him out of danger and on a bus to Denver, Damon laid one on Elena.

Hey, if you’re going to be guilty about something, go big, man.

Oh, one more thing… You know how we told you Alaric was at the hospital? Well, he met a new doc. Her name is Doctor Fell. You know what her first name happens to be? Meredith!

Cue the gasps. If you don’t know why we say that, we’re not going to tell you — you’ll just have to keep watching!

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