Best movie kisses

Jan 3, 2012 at 4:16 a.m. ET

Pucker up! These steamy movie scenes prove that a kiss is never just a kiss.

Kissing scene from The Notebook

The Notebook

Talk about a tear-jerker! You can't help but root for Allie and Noah, the lovers from different sides of the track kept apart by her parents. They spend one beautiful summer together, and then Allie is heartbroken when her love letters to Noah go unanswered. She moves on, but they meet again by chance seven years later, when he tells her that he wrote 365 letters -- one for every day of the year -- and they were intercepted by her mother. As she realizes that he does love her as she does him, she leaps into his arms and they share a passionate kiss in the rain.

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What's better than a kiss in the rain? An upside-down kiss in the rain! Mary Jane meets her masked man of mystery in a dark alley after he saves her life for a second time. Once she's out of harm's way, he drops in (upside-down of course, as only Spiderman can) to make note of her knack for finding messes. To thank him, she peels away the bottom half of his mask and kisses him while the rest of his face is still covered. After the kiss, he steals into the night, keeping his identity a secret.

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This movie made high school girls everywhere swoon and created a major heartthrob out of Leonardo Dicaprio. Nearly every meeting of Jack and Rose was hot enough to make you melt, but one scene in particular stands out as the kiss of all kisses. Jack brings Rose to the bow of the ship, and with her eyes closed he guides her to stand on the very edge with her arms outstretched. As she opens her eyes and exclaims, "I'm flying!" your heart aches for the joy they're feeling and the pain you know is ahead. The kiss that follows is enough to break your heart.

Dirty Dancing

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

And so begins one of the hottest scenes in one of the hottest movies ever made. Practically every scene in this movie is filled with chiseled bodies drenched in sweat, hormones and forbidden romance. The last scene, however, is a little different because for the very first time, Baby and Johnny are on display and not hiding away. She's not afraid of what anyone thinks, and neither is he -- which is what makes this kiss oh-so-sexy.

The Princess Bride

This kiss, which is the perfect ending to the fairytale gone wrong, cannot be described more perfectly than it is by the narrator himself.

"Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind."

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Pretty Woman

This one is all about the build-up. At the very beginning of Edward and Vivian's relationship, she lays it out on the line. She'll do anything he pays for, but no kissing. Kissing is not for jobs, and that's all that Edward is. As their relationship grows and they fall in love, he tries repeatedly to catch her lips, only to be refused over and over. When he finally does kiss her and she kisses him back it's enough to make your heart leap.

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