E! reveals the secret to the Kardashians’ appeal

Sometimes you don’t know whether you want to be like them or laugh at them, but you have to hand it to the Kardashians — they are a force of TV nature. Just ask the network that helped put them on the map — E!

E! knows what it has in the famous Kardashian family and if you ask them, the majority isn’t laughing at them — they want to be like them.

In a new interview with The Wrap, E!’s president Suzanne Kolb helped shed some light on the Kardashians’ appeal and, while we may not agree with it all, she makes one hell of an argument.

So, what’s it all about? Why is America turning the Kardashians on and not off?

Suzanne Kolb explains, “At their core, the Kardashians are an incredibly bonded, loving, large family who live an incredibly large life. And if you actually look at the history of television, there’s a pretty large number of families with that blend resonating with viewers. This just happens to be the first reality show that does it.”

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What about the year they’ve had in the spotlight, especially with Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage? Kolb reasons, “In many ways when you look at the year… there’s obviously been a lot of major events in the Kardashian family’s lives. It’s just an incredibly fascinating drama that’s played out. But at its core, you know that they’re going to end up around that dinner table together… I think there’s something emotionally aspirational around that family dynamic and visually aspirational about the way that family lives.”

Suzanne Kolb makes a good point about the family being a typical unit at its core, but what about those that petitioned to have E! cancel its empire of shows built around the Kardashians? Did Kolb ever consider it?

According to her, no. “We take every viewer comment seriously, but no. We did not consider not to be in business with the Kardashians.”

When it comes down to it, Kolb claims the viewers are more apt to admire the famous family than laugh at them. “From every piece of research I’ve seen, people aspire to be them or to befriend them,” Kolb explained.

What are your thoughts on the Kardashians? We know you have an opinion, so why not use it?

Are you turning the Kardashians on or off?

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