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House of Lies: Watch the series premiere

Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle are ready to con the pants off of some “fat cats” in House of Lies. Keep reading to get your sneak peek at the series premiere.

Cons and lies — what a perfect set up for a Showtime series.

You don’t want to miss House of Lies starring Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle — trust us.

House of Lies is set to premiere via Showtime on Sunday, Jan. 8 and you may be asking yourself, “What’s this new show all about?”

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According to Showtime: “Charming, fast talking Marty Kaan and his crack team of MBA-toting management consultants are playing America’s 1 percent for everything they’ve got.”

Showtime goes on to describe the show: “They put the con in consulting as they charm smug, unsuspecting corporate fat cats into closing huge deals and spending a fortune for their services. Twisting the facts, spinning the numbers, and spouting just enough business school jargon to dazzle the clients, there’s no end to what this crew won’t do to and for each other, while laughing all the way to the bank.”

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The great Don Cheadle is stepping into the con shoes of Marty Kaan, while the gorgeous Kristen Bell will be at his side as the gifted, up-and-coming team member, Jeannie Van Der Hooven.

Check out the full series premiere…

Now that you’ve had a taste of the con life, we want to hear from you — will you be putting House of Lies on your watchlist?

Head over to our comments section and sound off. We know you have an opinion, so why not use it?

Thumbs up or down for House of Lies?

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