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Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump gives a lesson in etiquette

Lisa Vanderpump’s manners are always exemplary, so we turned to her for a modern day take on dinner party protocol. See how her social conduct compares to the behavior of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars.

She is the picture of perfect party manners, never one to raise her voice or her hand in an argument. That’s more than we can say for some of Lisa Vanderpump’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates!

“If you want a really seamless, calm dinner party, don’t invite my cast-mates,” Lisa told us recently.

RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump

The Real Housewife compares old fashioned etiquette to Beverly Hill excitement.

As the best behaved party guest in the cast and recent author of Simply Divine: A Guide to Easy, Elegant, and Affordable Entertainment, we decided the London-born socialite was the perfect subject to give SheKnows a lesson in etiquette.

What to bring to a party

  1. Always turn up with something. “A great bottle of wine, or something that is really visual, or flowers. I love chocolates.”
  2. If you bring flowers, lend a hand. “Often the hostess doesn’t have time to start arranging them and put them in a vase. If you arrive with flowers and they are frantic, you should put them in water.”
  3. Open hostess gifts in front of the guests. “When people buy you something, they want to see your face when you open it. They don’t want to see it in a pile and then receive a note three weeks later.”

Top table rules

  1. Don’t burp at the table.
  2. If somebody’s got something in their teeth, be discrete.
  3. You can put your elbows on the table, just don’t fall asleep in the soup.
  4. No cellphones during dinner.
  5. Two topics of conversation should be off limits: child rearing and politics.

Animal house

Lisa Vanderpumps dog Jiggy from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Even as an etiquette expert, Lisa lets her dog Jiggy eat at the table.

Many families feel that a pets’ place is not at the table. The Vanderpump’s beg to differ.

“We love our dogs and certainly treat Jiggy like a little child,” Lisa told us. “Is it wrong? Probably yes. Should you feed your dogs at the table? No. Do I? yes.”

There you have it!

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Photo Credit: Richard McLaren, Bravo TV

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