Review: You’re (Not) the One, by Alexandra Potter

Sometimes love can make you do crazy things like obsess over an outfit, change your lifestyle, take a risk or believe in legends. That’s exactly what happens to Lucy Hemingway in Alexandra Potter’s recent release called You’re (Not) the One.

After spending a summer in Venice, Italy with someone she believed to be her soul mate (Nate), Lucy’s life was never the same. The moment the two lovebirds shared a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs while church bells rang at sunset, they were locked together for eternity… or so the legend goes. It may haveYou're (Not) the One seemed like a romantic idea at the time, but when life takes Lucy and Nate in opposite directions, Lucy is left constantly wondering about her lost love and dreaming of reconnecting with him once again.

Ten years later, the two do reconnect, but neither expected the situation to unfold the way it did. In an attempt to pick up where they left off, Nate and Lucy desperately try to reignite their passion, but it quickly becomes evident that the flame has fizzled. Still, whether due to coincidence or the legend, the two can’t seem to avoid each other. It’s clear to Lucy that Nate, in fact, is not the “One,” but she just can’t seem to move on. That is, until she realizes that true love is stronger than any Italian legend.

Lucy is an endearing character who reminds me a bit of the Bridget Jones character. She’s a bit flighty, not fond of exercise, has a penchant for wine and a tendency to get herself into uncomfortable (but funny) situations. You’re (Not) the One is a unique twist on the traditional love story. It will leave you questioning the concept of soul mates and pondering the “coincidences” in your life.


Bottom line: It’s a lighthearted read that will leave you smiling. If you ask me, everyone needs one of those on their nightstand.

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