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Janet Jackson: Eating is my comfort place

Janet Jackson has had a “difficult couple of years” and now, as a spokesperson for Nutrisystem, is coming clean about her emotional eating habits.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is airing her own weight loss story as a spokesperson for Nutrisystem. “[My weight] is something I’ve dealt with all my life, and it’s been an issue for me,” the 45-year-old told Us Weekly.

“People can relate to me because I have lived it,” Janet Jackson, whose weight has fluctuated over the years earning many tabloid headlines, went on to say. “I truly understand what it’s like to have a problem with weight loss, losing too much weight or gaining more than you desire to and becoming unhealthy.”

The Jackson family has, quite understandably, gone through a great amount of stress the last few years with the death of Michael Jackson and ensuing trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. Stress that Janet admits turns her into an emotional eater.

“When I’m down or really stressed, I eat because that’s my comfort place,” she said, adding that she can “breathe a little better” now that the trial of Conrad Murray is over and she knows he’ll be spending the next four years in jail.

“It’s been a difficult couple of years,” said the singer, pictured here performing live in concert at Sydney Opera House on Nov. 5. “And then I’ve been very, very busy on top of that.”

Janet Jackson doesn’t want to put a number on how many pounds she wants to lose or has lost but she admits, “I have a little ways to go to get healthy and to feel the best that I know I can feel.”

She adds, “I know I’m on my way to success. I’ve had a problem with my body image. So that’s why it’s really, really important to get to where you really feel comfortable.” She advises, “You need to look at yourself and say — I like this, I feel good about this. I feel healthy, I feel strong, and this is where I want to be.”

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