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The X Factor: Justin Bieber’s Wonder-ful performance

Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder made beautiful music on The X Factor’s finale.

The X Factor crowned Melanie Amaro its season one winner Thursday night, but from the buzz, you would have thought Justin Bieber was the winner.

Yes, Ne-Yo, Pitbull and Leona Lewis all helped celebrate the big finale where a $5 million contract was handed out, but it was all about “The Biebs.”

Justin Bieber hit the stage with a crazy neon green-sleeved jacket to sing “The Christmas Song,” but his jacket wasn’t the only accessory he was rocking.

Perched upon the stage at his keyboard was the legendary Stevie Wonder. He helped the teen idol spread some Christmas cheer.

Justin Bieber couldn’t let the moment pass without giving praise to the icon after the set was done. Bieber said of Wonder, “He was gracious enough to come out and perform with me. It was an honor and I just want to say right now that Stevie, you are one of my idols. Just the fact that you’d come out and do this is an honor.”

Stevie Wonder wasn’t the only special guest to help Justin Bieber.

Remember axed contestant Drew Ryniewicz? She auditioned for The X Factor with her own version of Bieber’s “Baby.”

When she got cut, Bieber threw her his support, tweeting, “Keep your head up. I lost my first competition, too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes.”

You know she was gushing about that.

Anyway, Bieber called her to the stage at the end of his “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” number and let her have her moment.

All in all, it was a very Bieber night and a good season for The X Factor.

The X Factor’s final three performances managed to win Wednesday night’s ratings and while Simon Cowell’s original domination plan didn’t fully pan out, the show has done fairly well, garnering a second season.

Did you catch the finale? What did you think? Are you going to tune in next season?

We know you have an opinion, so why not use it?

Did Justin Bieber rock The X Factor?

Photo credit: Fox

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