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Courtney Love’s “large” landlord wants her out

Courtney Love is on the verge of being evicted from her rented historic NYC townhouse. Read what she has to say about her landlord’s allegations.

We love it when Courtney Love brings the crazy on Twitter, but having her bring her crazy into your house every day is probably a wildly different story. Her New York City landlord wants Love to get the heck out of a historic townhouse, claiming that the singer has destroyed thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of expensive designer decorator details and owes $54,000 in back rent.

Courtney Love

Love’s side of the story? She had permission to make the changes she did — and she is quite offended that her landlord does not appreciate her artistic vision, despite the fact that she almost burned the place down last summer.

“I moved into this home only on the condition that I could paint it and when I leave, I’d restore it to exactly what it was,” Love wrote in a post for “Since I darkened the door [the landlord] has been vicious to me and my staff.”

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“Having a landlady tell you your Prelle, $2,000-a-yard fabric… is ‘destructive’ is totally weird,” she said. “My taste is artful and femme, but it’s excellent. I’m 47, have bought and sold 14 houses (16 if you count Washington) and love doing them nicely and tripling the price; it’s just never been a question, so this whole experience is weird as heck.”

“Donna Lyon, the owner, came over the other day and, after informing me that ‘No one likes you, Courtney Love, NO ONE,’ which made me cry, and proceeded to knock over a photo (she’s rather… large) of me with Dame Elizabeth Taylor and shatter the mirrored frame,” Love complained.

At any rate, the singer says she is all caught up on rent, has actually improved the value and condition of the townhouse and has filed a legal motion with the court to have the eviction move tossed out.

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