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Hottest eReaders on the market

If you’ve been reluctant to go digital with your reading, it’s time to start thinking about making the leap. Millions of readers already have, and eBook sales are soaring. We have the dish on our top four picks for best eReaders.

Nook Simple Touch

Looking for a dedicated eReader without all the frills? Check out Nook Simple Touch. At $99 (and free shipping at, it won’t break the bank, and at under seven and a half ounces, it won’t weigh down your purse either. The Simple Touch features the E-Ink display that readers have come to love, and that allows for reading even in the brightest sunlight.

The eReader also works for over two months on a single charge, has a full touchscreen and is touted to be 25 percent faster than any other eReader. As with other Nook models, you can share Nook Books with your friends and even borrow ePub books from public libraries.



Do you love to read, but have been clamoring for an iPad? Don’t fret — iPads double as eReaders (even more justification for buying one!). In addition to iBooks, you can download the Kindle and Nook apps, giving you access to books on any three of the markets. iPads support PDF format as well. Books aside, iPads offer a wealth of entertainment options, from Netflix to video games, and can keep kids — as well as adults — occupied for many hours.

iPads, however, don’t do as well in the sunlight, due to the glare on the screen. They are also much pricier at $499 and up.


Kindle Fire

Amazon’s newest addition to the Kindle family is not quite an iPad, but it comes very close, and at $199, you might be willing to forego some of the features. In addition to millions of books, magazines, songs and TV shows, Kindle Fire offers lighting fast web browsing with Amazon Silk, free storage for all Amazon content, a gorgeously vivid touchscreen and an impressive dual-core processor. Amazon Prime members will especially enjoy the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library where they can borrow thousands of books — even bestsellers — for free, and access thousands of free movies and TV shows (movies and TV shows are available to all Prime members, not just Kindle owners).

As with the iPads, Kindle Fire does not do so well in the sunlight.


iRiver Story HD

Google was the latest company to join the eReader bandwagon with its iRiver Story. The eReader has a six-inch screen and is very similar to the Kindle and Nook in look and feel, but the HD version features a high resolution XGA E-ink HD screen, which other eReaders don’t have. iRiver also has a built-in QWERTY keyboard (and if you like keyboards, the iRiver may be your best option), and is very light at just 7.3 ounces. With the iRiver, you will have access to about three million Google Books, and be able to read a wide variety of formats such as ePub, PDF and FB2.

The E-ink screen also makes the iRiver a great option for reading in the sunlight. iRiver is currently selling for $100 at Target.


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