Exclusive: Amanda Seyfried is unstoppable in Gone trailer

SheKnows gets an exclusive look at the new psychological thriller starring Amanda Seyfried that puts this victim face-to-face with her maniacal attacker.


Amanda Seyfried can’t take no for an answer. In her new action-thriller Gone, she’s got a mission and one mission only — to find the intruder who kidnapped her sister before it’s too late. Unfortunately, this is the same guy who dragged her out of bed kicking and screaming last year. Oh yeah, he’s back…

Nobody believes her

Not the police, not her friends, nor her family. Everyone thinks what happened to Jill (Seyfried) last year was all a misunderstanding, that she’s just traumatized by the idea that her sister could have been kidnapped, too. Jill knows better, and she’s not gonna rest until she gets her sister back. When authorities tell her to go home and get some rest, Jill decides to go on a quest to find the killer herself.

‘I’ll sleep when he’s dead’

Not only is this a race against time to find her sister before sunset, but for Jill, it’s personal. She’s not willing to let this intruder off without a confrontation. Co-starring with Seyfried is actress Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter and Quarantine. Wes Bentley from American Beauty rounds out the cast to make this a cat-and-mouse game of wits to see who is smarter, the hunter or the hunted.

Starring in fast-paced action style films is becoming a regular thing for Seyfried, who co-starred with Justin Timberlake in the sci-fi action thriller In Time earlier this fall. The 26-year-old Mamma Mia! star proves that she can sing, dance and handle complicated stunts just like the rest of Hollywood’s A-list actors. Seyfried continues to take on more daring roles as her fans continue to be thrilled by seeing her save the day. We’re just hoping that, this time, she finds her sister in time.

Directed by Heitor Dhalia (Adrift, Drained and Nine) and written by Allison Burnett (Untraceable and Autumn in New York) Gone releases in theaters Feb. 24.

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment


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